Sorted Characters:
Topic Last Edit Last Author
Adult Sorting:Margaret Tulen17:46, December 23, 2014Kibethastarael
Adult Sorting:Emmett Newberry17:46, December 23, 2014Kibethastarael
Adult Sorting:Rowan Cartwright17:41, December 23, 2014Kibethastarael
Adult Sorting:Kamden Emsworth11:08, December 20, 2014LittleRedCrazyHood
Adult Sorting:Evangeline Lisieux11:08, December 20, 2014LittleRedCrazyHood
Adult Sorting:Adam Atkinson15:32, December 16, 2014LillyDaNinja
Adult Sorting:Eleanora Cartwright01:52, December 16, 2014Sonofapollo
Adult Sorting:Jocelyn Køhler01:01, December 14, 2014Sonofapollo

Denied Characters:
Topic Last Edit Last Author

Unsorted Characters:
Topic Last Edit Last Author
Adult Sorting:Piper Lockwood15:21, April 20, 2015Piper Lockwood
Adult Sorting:Test00:15, December 13, 2014LillyDaNinja

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