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Alexia Ackerley
Alexia 1
beautiful little thing
June 30
Peter Ackerley (father)
Lily Ackerley (mother)
Simon Ackerley (brother)
Name Pronunciation
ah-LECKS-see-ya A-ker-lee
Blood Status
rped by red

Alexia Ackerley is a second year Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Eye Color
Blue (Varies)
Hair Color
Brown (Varies)
5'3" (Varies)
Clothing Style
Elegant, lady-like
Alexia is not happy with her appearance. She believes in looking beautiful to be happy. It's lucky that she's a metamorphmagus then, she thinks. She enjoys changing her appearance a lot, but doesn't do it much because of her mother. Much to her vexation, she has to stay in her brown haired, blue eyed state often, but when she's at school, she likes to experiment.

Native Language
Earliest Memory
Looking into a mirror and her hair changing to the color red
Type of Childhood
Confusing but happy
Childhood Fear
Angry parents
Peter Ackerley was arranged to marry Lily Maddox. She was seventeen, and he was eighteen. They were both from rich pure-blood families, who believed in purity above all. However, Peter had a secret: he was a metamorphmagus. It was well kept and hidden for a very long time. He could control it, after all, and his parents needed an alliance with the Maddox family and they felt a marriage would be the best way to achieve it. So, they told him to continue keeping his secret and it worked. Until they had their first child, that is. Alexia was born one year after they got married. They were disappointed when it was a girl. They decided they still loved her no matter what. (Lily swore she saw Alexia's eyes change color, but her mother assured her it was probably just tricks of the light.)

Her little brother, Simon, was born when Alexia was three. The family was absolutely delighted, but no one was happier than little Alexia. She was so happy that her brown locks started changing into a bright yellow. Of course, all hell broke loose. Alexia wasn't sure why her parents were suddenly fighting so much, or why both sets of her grandparents were either. She'd stay with Simon often, singing him lullabies and changing her appearance to make him laugh. (She was a little disappointed to find out Simon didn't inherit the metamorph gene.)

Lily and Peter stayed together, despite everything, but Lily had very high ideals about blood purity, and it put a strain on their marriage, and on Alexia's relationship with her mother. Lily was never cruel, but she focused more on Simon, and rarely gave Alexia the time of day. Alexia didn't mind, though. She was close with her father. Peter taught Alexia how to control her metamorphmagus trait. Her grandparents on Peter's side also taught her everything she knows about being a "proper young lady". At the age of eleven, she got a letter to Hogwarts. She was sorted into Gryffindor and not into Slytherin, much to the disappointment of her mother's side of the family. She'd still receive a letter from her father every week. She also has a cousin at Hogwarts who is three years older than her: Darren Maddox. She tends to avoid him as much as she can. She doesn't need anymore disapproval about her being "metamorphmagus trash".

She excelled in Transfiguration, her first year there, and continued experimenting with her metamorphmagus gene. Not many people know that she's a metamorphmagus, because she's been really good at hiding it, just like her dad told her to. She still likes using the trait to her advantage by altering her appearance in small ways, making herself "prettier and prettier". She's doing it so she can fulfill the expectations her grandparents have set for her. She doesn't particularly like it, but she's already been a disappointment too much. This is the perfect shot at making her family proud.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Understanding, charming, elegant
Worst Qualities
Stuck-up, people pleasing, envious
Most Influenced By
Her father
Alexia is charming, polite and has a smile that can light up an entire night sky. She's elegant and refined, but on the inside, she's just a storm waiting to be released. She's clever and can think quick, but is also kind of stuck-up from all the years of knowing what's proper and what's not. Don't let that fool you. Once you convince her to have fun, you'll see how much she enjoys it.

She's not that much of a romantic, either. She's clever, not stupid, and she sees her parents' marriage crumbling before her very eyes. She knows that by the time she's sixteen, she'll probably already have a match, and it won't be a very happy one. She's accepted her fate and strongly believes that she already has something laid out for her that she can't change and she just has to make do with the cards she was dealt. She's very lady-like, but doesn't like it very much. It annoys her that she has a "natural talent" for things like sewing and cooking, because she doesn't want to be confined to just being a proper young lady. She's much more ambitious than that, and spends a lot of time developing other skills just so that she has others to brag about. Transfiguration is her best subject, so she puts a lot of time and effort into perfecting the art.

She's brave. She knows her place, but knows when to stand up to others as well. She's slightly insecure, both about her personality and her appearance. She doesn't think she's pretty enough for her family and she doesn't think she's elegant enough either. It makes her sad that she can't live up to other people's expectations, and she tries her hardest to change herself in order to conform to them. Family means the world to her. She just wants to make them proud.

She's very good at giving advice and adept at keeping secrets. She's only twelve, and she's not wise beyond her years or anything, she just says what she thinks. And she's not saying that what she thinks is right all the time, but she knows how to be blunt in a subtle way, if that even makes sense. Her charm helps her get her way, and cheer other people up when they're feeling bad.

talk bubble
Alexia 2

Alexia Ackerley -Gryffindor, Second Year • Metamorphmagus
"What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful."
 – 14:40, December 18, 2014 (UTC)~

"This is my talk bubble."

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skills and magical abilities
Transfiguration: She thinks her natural metamorphic ability is what makes her so good at the subject, but it isn't even Transformation that's her best branch. She's quite skilled at Conjuring, and is already practicing her Vanishing at a young age. Professor Guildford-Smith is also her favorite teacher, which helps her enthusiasm in the subject.

Wand: Redwood, Dragon Heartstring, 8 inches. Called the Irish Wand, Money Wand or even the Lucky Wand, these wand woods are said to bring good fortune to those who wield them. For this, they are in high demand. As is usually the case with wandlore, the general populace have the truth back to front: redwood wands are not themselves lucky, but are strongly attracted to witches and wizards who already possess the admirable ability to fall on their feet, to make the right choice, to snatch advantage from catastrophe.


*When she was younger, she used to make herself look like a boy because she thought her parents would be happier with her that way. Her father told her that she's fine just the way she is. His reassurance is her favorite memory.
*She has a good singing voice. It's nothing spectacular, but it's sweet.
*She's thinking of making her hair slightly redder when she's older.
*Because of 'perfect posture practice', Lexi can walk with one to three books on her head with no difficulty at all. Four to five, she can manage for a while, but at six she reaches her limit.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, heteroromantic
Relationship Status
Redwood, Dragon Heartstring, 8 inches
Favorite Drink
Amortentia Scents
Roses, fir trees, fall leaves

Alexia Gif 3

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