The Great House of Køhler is a Danish-born pure-blood family now located in Hogsmeade, England; after the death of Harald and Linnéa Køhler and coming to know that Jocelyn and Margrethe Køhler were living in a castle (before Jocelyn moved them to Hogwarts) the Danes moved to England in Hogsmeade and the surrounding area. The Køhlers were often betrothed to keep bloodlines pure - Jocelyn to her cousin, Brynjar, and Margrethe to Ridley Chamberlain. Their cousins are the Skjeggestads, Rosalind Køhler (who they adopted not knowing this) and Esther Attaway.

Elise KøhlerWillem Køhler
John AttawayAnnika AttawayHarald KøhlerLinnéa KøhlerÁsa SkjeggestadHjalmar Skjeggestad
Alfred KirklandElizabeth KirklandEsther AttawayJocelyn KøhlerMargrethe KøhlerAlfwin KøhlerBrynjar Hjalmarsson

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