cursed, not gifted.

Cateline 3
Cateline Lémieux
Johanne Lémieux † (mother)
Geoffroi Lémieux (father)

Melisende Lémieux (sister)
Aredius Lémieux (brother)
Crecelle Lémieux (sister)
Graduated from Hogwarts
Blood Status
Human, Witch, Seer
This character is roleplayed by Ellie.

Cateline Lémieux is a French dressmaker and Seer who is currently residing in England to escape her strict family.

Cateline Small

Tall, slender and pale, Cateline is naturally gorgeous. Possessing the trademark features of the Lémieux family, startling red curls and emerald green eyes, it's hard for her to blend into a crowd. With makeup, she looks a lot older than she really is.


Years of dealing with her unwanted gift has left Cateline rather grouchy, but rays of her warm heart occasionally shine through from time to time. She's a natural helpful person, always rushing to people's aid and is always willing to protect and assist even strangers in tasks. She has a good sense of humour and enjoys having a joke with her friends, and because she grew up with a particularly extensive family, she's quite social and enjoys being in a group more than being alone.

Cateline is a Seer, but she absolutely despises her gift. She's begged doctors to try and remove her "gift", yet no remedies or spells have succeeded so far, so her powers continue to haunt her. Her visions, although infrequent, are powerful and often predict doom much more often than happier premonitions, and the ominous predictions are almost always impossible to prevent, so all she can do is attempt to warn people, who often don't believe her. A prime example of that was her mother - Cat knew her mother was going to die from illness long before she did, but since her mother never believed her, the skeptical woman passed and Cateline still feels guilty about this.

She has an eye for fashion and her passion is designing beautiful dresses and ballgowns for women or all classes. She doesn't sell her dresses at ridiculous prices, so they are easily affordable for all classes of people - she doesn't believe that people don't deserve luxuries simply because they don't have the money.

Cateline doesn't believe in love at first sight, and isn't sure that she believes in love at all. She's had bad experiences with men (and, once, a woman) in the past, and is happily single for now.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Owning a dress shop in Hogsmeade, Cateline has always adored designing and making dresses from smooth, silky fabrics. She's expertly skilled at sewing, has an eye for perfect colour schemes and hopes to be able to design gowns for members of authority someday.

As much as she dislikes her family, she loves her family's features, and treasures her hair and eyes.
  • She loves the taste of ale, and drinks it rather frequently.
  • She doesn't put nearly as much effort into making her own clothes as she does making her store's stock.
  • Only her parents know that she's a Seer - she never told her siblings.
  • She possesses no want to meet her siblings again, as she doesn't particularly like them.
  • She believes she's aromantic, when really, she's biromantic.


credit goes to Ellie for the page and Red for code

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