Charlotte Bancroft


Roleplayed by Ckohrs

Charlotte Bancroft
Hufflepuff 4th Year
Vital Statistics
Born December 21st
Age 14
Family Bancroft Family
Gender Female
Species Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Signature Charlottesig
Magical Characteristics
Wand Vine and Dragon Heartstring, 8 inches
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Muggle-Born
Patronus WIP
Boggart WIP


Charlotte Bancroft is, unfortunately, the only daughter of Edward and Camilla Bancroft. Edward had so been hoping for a son, and for many years, it appeared that Camilla wouldn't be able to have children at all. Charlotte was something of a miracle child. Still, Edward couldn't help but be disappointed with the fact that his only child was a girl, and that his entire inheritance would be left to his brother's oldest son, Charlotte's cousin Andrew.

When Charlotte was six, her first signs of magic appeared, thoroughly startling her family, who had no magical blood in their veins at all. The entire stove was about to set fire, when Charlotte managed to pull out the food, without burning herself at all. Other signs of magic showed, and when she was eleven, her Hogwarts letter arrived. Edward was more than happy to send her off to a school where he wouldn't have to see her, and be reminded of the fact that he had no son. Charlotte knows that it is still her father's wish to marry her off one day. She is now in her fourth year.



Charlotte grew up fully aware of her father's disdain. As a girl, she had tried to win her father over, but the more he pushed her away, the more she stopped trying. She tried to get her mother to explain it, but Camilla had no words of advice for her daughter. So Charlotte grew into a bit of a headstrong, independent woman. She still believes that if she marries well, she might do two things; earn her father's favor, as well as be rid of her uncaring parents for good.


Charlotte has curly brown hair, and blue eyes. Most of the time she has a good-natured look about her, but occasionally her eyes darken when she's shunted by her father. Her faceclaim is Sarah Bolger.




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