Clíodhna-3 Roleplayed by R.A.B.-Sig
Clíodhna Bean Mhic Eoghain
Age 36
Home Crannóg
Occupation Wife and mother
Loyalty Her daughters
Born to the clan Síol Chaiside and now of Teallach Eoghain by marriage, Clíodhna is the second wife of Cináed, mother of Brigid and Ríoghnach.

Clíodhna Nic Ardghail was born to Caoilfhionn and Ardghal, one of nine children. Sadb, Ailill, Clíodhna herself, Aoibheann, Lóegaire, Caoimhghín, Íde, Iarfhlaith, and Tadg.

Ailill and Clíodhna are less than a year apart in age, and once Clíodhna turned eight, the pair of them were sent to be fostered, by Cenél Dháithí.

In the new clan, there were many other youths who she and her brother were friends with. Their foster brother, his second cousins, another fostered ward, and a young aunt, closer to their age than to her own generation. They were a gang of friends, all the way through their adolescence. They grew up together, and her fondest memories are of the group of them.

And there was her foster mother Eithne — her mentor. She taught Clíodhna at least half of everything she knows. Clíodhna has great reverence for her, but not in the uptight way — Eithne was a mother to her.

Clíodhna and Ailill returned home to their own family just before Ailill's 17th birthday. Most of her other siblings were younger than her, and fostered out at the time. Sadb, Lóegaire, and Tadg were there, although Aoibheann came back the next year.

Before long, Ailill married a woman named Líle. With Líle came her mother and brother. Líle's father had been killed before her eyes when she was a child, by her uncle. And the three of them wanted to revenge. And Ailill's family, who they'd just married into, was big and strong.

Ardghal wasn't pleased. He'd had no idea the kind of feud his son has married himself into. Ardghal's eldest child, Sadb was pregnant. The baby would be his first grandchild, and he did not want her baby, or any of his later grandchildren, being born into this feud. So he turned to the dreaded uncle of his daughter-in-law, seeking out a truce. And they came to one. As Ailill would be the one Líle and her family would lean most heavily on, they needed a reason for him to be dead-set against it.

At 18, Clíodhna was married to Cináed, the son of Líle's loathed uncle. Ailill would never attack his beloved sister's family.

It was a small clan — Cináed, his father, stepmother, half-brother, Cináed's first wife, and her newborn son. At first Clíodhna hated it. It was too small, it was barely even a clan. And besides, her family clearly would be able to defeat these people if they chose. But Clíodhna soon bore her own firstborn, her daughter Brigid. And with Brigid in her arms, she began to understand wanting to keep the peace for the children's sake. She also came to know her new family better. Cináed's first wife, Enat, was lovely, and his brother Muiris was too.

The first three children — Cadeyrn, who was a newborn when Clíodhna joined the clan, her Brigid, and Enat's Caitríona — were born serially, one each year, back and forth between the wives, and then after a gap, Ríoghnach born, and then Fáelán, and he was the last. Clíodhna privately resented Teallach Eoghain for this for years. Infertility runs in their family — she was one of nine children, while Cináed was one of two. She resented Enat also — she had had one more, and Clíodhna was envious.

The bitterness faded with time. Enat's children were hers too, and while five was less than she'd hoped for, it was enough. They fostered none of them out, so she was able to keep them all. She knew she should've had Brigid fostered when she was young, but she was hers and she was so little — the idea of parting with her when she was so young had been too much to even bear.

When Cadeyrn turned 11, he was went to Hogwarts. Cináed and Muiris had both gone in their youth, and agreed that it was a good idea. At first Clíodhna thought it was ludicrous — she had been taught by her foster family which was a much better system — but none of their children had been fostered, and school was their only option now that they were this old. Clíodhna relented, and the next year, she went Brigid with Cadeyrn. Clíodhna had hoped they might keep a few, but Caitríona, Ríoghnach, and Fáelán followed suit as they got older.

Fáelán was the last to leave, and he left this year, and her resentment has come leaking back. Cadeyrn is 17 now, and he should be coming home next year, and the girls after him, but Eoghan has began talking about marrying them to the English. At first he said Brigid. Brigid, her daugher — only 16, and to the English! Since Clíodhna refused, now it's Cáit who they're marrying off. Cáit, who's even younger. But Enat agreed, so Clíodhna can't do anything about it: Cáit is Enat's daughter — Clíodhna nursed her too, but Enat gave birth to her.

Clíodhna's on the verge of divorce once again. She's been here before — once when she was first married, and a second time when she couldn't get pregnant with a third baby. Both times before she ultimately decided against it. Perhaps this time she'll follow through.

Ethnicity Irish
Religion Gaelic pagan
Native Language Gaoidhealg
Languages Spoken Gaoidhealg
Accent Irish (Connacht)
Birthplace Connacht, Ireland
Birthday 1031
Race Witch
Blood Status Half-blood
Virtues Hardworking, careful
Vices Fickle, attached
Romantic Orientation Biromantic
Patronus Puffin
Boggart Loneliness
Amortentia The sea, lanolin, and tea

Clíodhna prides herself as being practical. And in some ways, she is. She can make plans, it's following them out that's the harder part. She thinks with her heart more than her heard; in face of her emotions, remembering the reasons are hard.

The busy side of practicality is easier to follow through on. If one half of practicality is plans, the other half — or perhaps even more — is work. She dislikes being idle, and constantly needs something to do with her hands as well as her head. She's restless by nature, and having something to do calms that. Drumming her fingers, tapping her foot, wringing her hands — all things she's prone to when she doesn't have a project. Clíodhna is a gifted mulitasker. A project also is rarely enough to occupy her mind; she usually needs someone to talk to as well as something to do.

Clíodhna has the thick, curly, dark hair of her birth family, Síol Chaiside. The hair is their family's defining trait — they're named after an ancestor, Caiside, who's name literately meant "curly haired". Because Clíodhna is so distanced from the family, she savours this link they have.

Her eyes are grey, both dark and light, which gives her a stern look that, as a parent, she's come to embrace. As a child, people told it her it made her look like an adult trapped in a child's body. She never understood that, only that she's good at giving people scary looks, and that's a skill she takes pride it.

Hair Dark waves
Skin Fair
Eyes Grey
Stature Average
Wand Arm Right
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Skills Sewing, weaving, felting, whittling, multitasking
Interests Sewing, weaving, whittling

Clíodhna has quick, busy fingers, and a talent for making things. Her favorite mediums are fabric and wood, although she works with fabric more. Most of the time, she has a piece of sewing in her hands, even when the thing she's making isn't needed. She always needs something to occupy her hands.

  • The kids have tried to teach her Englisc before, but she's never gotten far. It's a ridiculous language, and the sentence structure really throws her.
Mother Caoilfhionn Bean Mhic Tighearnán Younger Brother Lóegaire Mac Ardghal
Father Ardghal Mac Tighearnán Younger Brother Caoimhghín Mac Ardghal
Eldest Sister Sadb Nic Ardghal Youngerst Sister Íde Nic Ardghal
Eldest Brother Ailill Mac Ardghal Younger Brother Iarfhlaith Mac Ardghal
Younger Sister Aoibheann Nic Ardghal Youngest Brother Tadg Mac Ardghal
Clíodhna is one of nine children, but the only one of her siblings she's close to it her brother Ailill, because they grew up together. Yet she and Ailill are extremely close. The two of them were sent together to be fostered by Cenél Dháithí. Her relationship with him is the whole realm of family, boiled down into a single relationships. He's always been her anchor, and closet confidant.
Some of her other siblings we fostered by various clans, and a some were raised at home by their own family. Clíodhna loves them dearly, but in an abstract sense. Ailill, Sadb, Lóegaire, and Tadg are the only ones she knows as people. When she visits Ailill, he gives her updates on their family, but it's been almost two decades since she saw most of them.
Clíodhna's parents are both still alive and well. She knows them as well as she knows Sadb, Lóegaire, and Tadg, and she loves them both. Still, occasionally, when things are very hard, and she gets that childish urge to run to a parent and let them handle it, she thinks of her foster mother Eithne, not her true mother, Caoilfhionn.

Clíodhna, Ailill, their foster brother, his second cousins, another fostered ward, and a young aunt, closer to their age than to her own generation. The seven of them were a gang of friends, all the way through Clíodhna's time in Cenél Dháithí. In honesty, Clíodhna misses them worse than her own clan.
Her foster mother Eithne was her mentor — she taught Clíodhna at least half of everything she knows. Clíodhna has great reverence for her, but not in the uptight way — Eithne was a mother to her. In hindsight, Clíodhna recons her the greatest woman she's ever known.

Father-in-Law Eoghan Mac Dubhghall Elder Daughter Brigid Ní Eoghan
Stepmother-in-Law Bríd Bean Mhic Dubhghall Younger Daughter Ríoghnach Ní Eoghan
Half-Brother-in-Law Muiris Mac Eoghan Elder Step-Son Cadeyrn Ó Eoghan
Husband Cináed Mac Eoghan Step-Daughter Caitríona Ní Eoghan
Co-Wife Enat Bean Mhic Eoghan Younger Step-Son Fáelán Ó Eoghan
Brigid is Clíodhna's firstborn. Brigid is a musician — the only true musician in the family — and Clíodhna is extremely proud of her. Even if the sons are all Enat's, having the musician be hers almost makes up for it.
Ríoghnach is the younger of Clíodhna's two daughters. Ríoghnach is her "little one" — more suitable for adoring and protecting then priding.
Clíodhna loves her husband — she really does. It took time, but it's been 17 years, and could've divorced him if she chose. She hates how Cináed's father is always wheeling him around, and how he's somewhat infertile, but he's not a bad, nor even unpleasant, person. They're imperfect, her, Cináed, and Enat, but she's content.
After 17 years and 5 children, Enat is Clíodhna's wife as much as Cináed's. A spouse is supposed to be a partner, and simply because Enat was raising the children with her, while Cináed was being called to listen to his father talk, Enat is more Clíodhna's partner. Enat has superiority over her, being the cétmuinter, not to mention the mother of the sons, but Clíodhna is ok with this. And while Enat never could replace her brother — Ailill will always be her real closest confidant — Enat is second closet. Second because you should never fully trust those you fancy.
Cadeyrn, Caitríona, and Fáelán are Enat's children, but Clíodhna considers them hers too. She didn't give birth to them, but she did nurse them. It's not quite the same as her own daughters, but it's something close. She always chided them, and was able to make decisions regarding them — which is why it's so jarring to now realize she has no true claim over them.
Eoghan is Cináed's father — he brokered her marriage. He allow committed the murder that made her marriage necessary. Clíodhna fears him — not cripplingly so, but she's always looking over her shoulder when he's around. She knows he would never hurt her — she's his shield against Dáirine and Líle — but he makes her uneasy all the same.
Bríd is her husband's step-mother. After his own mother died when he as four, Bríd raised him, along her her own son, Muiris.

She's wonderful to them all. Cináed even named his first daughter, Brigid, after her, and after Bríd helped her through labour, Clíodhna agreed.

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