Matchmaker's/Wandmaker's Apprentice

it's called 'being sophisticated'
rp'd by sync
Alive, 13 years of age Single
Gender Female
Species Witch
Ethnicity English
Height 5'2'
Weight 90 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Magical Properties
School Hogwarts, Ravenclaw
Mirror of Erised
Virtues Clever, Confident, Intuitive
Vices Possessive, Vengeful, Ruthless
MBTI Personality Type ISFP
Character Alignment Lawful Evil
Other Information
Profession Student
Family Beitris Ayr, Mother

Glenna Ayr, Grandmother

Dionisia's mother didn't like being told what to do. Dionisia's grandmother liked telling people what to do.
Do you see what I'm getting at here?
Naturally, her grandmother, Glenna, was drawn to the art of matchmaking. That started with her love of wandmaking, which had been passed down from generation to generation. Glenna, after years of the craft, soon began to see similarities between matching the correct wand with the correct wizard - and the correct husband with the correct wife. Not to mention, Glenna loved the sense of power it gave her. Coincidentally, it was also Dionisia's mother's nature to repel others wishes for sport, so Beitris ran off with someone, anyone, her mother wouldn't try to betroth her to. Shortly thereafter, Beitris returned home, pregnant. Dionisia would be born - and her mother would pass away during childbirth.
Dionisia doesn't know who her father is, nor does she really care. She does, however, occasionally mourn the loss of the kind of mother she could have had. But she's fine - at least she isn't an orphan, lost, out on the streets; Her grandmother would never let that happen to her.
Glenna's learned her lesson with her first daughter, so she daren't dream of planning out Dionisia's marriage - though the challenge is tempting for her to take on. Instead, she instilled the same love for problem solving and matchmaking into Dionisia.

Dionisia is a wonderful little hypocrite, and she's fine with admitting that; Authority is to be reckoned with - unless it is her authority. Daresay if you do reckon with her, she will not let it go easily, and will always find a way to repay you in just. She's a touch conceited, but she is a lady, the perfect example of sophistication, so while she will remind you of that, it will be subtly. If you can look past this, you will see potential, and you might even find a fair ally.
Much like her grandmother, people fascinate her. She doesn't have a strong desire to be apart of the masses of humanity - much rather, she wants to observe. It's not uncommon for her to lie simply to get a reaction, or to cause a little bit of mayhem. After all, that is what she lives for. 

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