wide-eyed idealist
rp'd by sync
Alive, 11 years of age N/A
Gender Male
Species Wizard, Unknown blood purity - presumed to be pure
Ethnicity Irish
Height 5'2'
Weight 90lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Magical Properties
School Hogwarts, Hufflepuff
Mirror of Erised
Boggart Fire
Amortentia Fallen Leaves
Virtues Creative, Idealist, Good-natured, Openminded
Vices Avoidant, Follower, Unobservant, Anxious
MBTI Personality Type INFP
Character Alignment Lawful Good
Other Information
Profession Wanderer
Family Eoghan Clan
Fáelán Eoghan
Hogwarts Student

Fáelán is the third child of Enat, his father's first wife. He is a druid, as is his entire family, and clan life is generally close-knit and happy. He has been taught about magic for as long as he can remember and has had a wand for a couple years now, though Herbology and Wandlore intrigue him the most.
He has five siblings in total of whom he arguably relies on too much when it comes to stepping outside of the clan and speaking to non-druids. Hogwarts will be a jarring experience for him, but he's been told by his siblings that you get used to the castle and classes soon enough.

When speaking with Fáelán, you must first make sure he is there. By which I mean he has a tendency to look, not at you, but through you, and feign paying attention. Certain key words will spark his interest - "Adventure", "Magic", "Wander", and "Hate", the latter of which he will respond to by finding an excuse to leave, and the others will prompt him to properly lend an ear.
Because he has many older siblings to rely on, and he is introspective and less inclined to socializing by nature, he's never really grown accustomed to looking outside himself and at the problems surrounding him - and doing so makes him rather uncomfortable. He is prone to denying such things exist, and when he is forced to face said issues, he freezes up. When comfortable (e.g. when around the clan) he is more vocal about his insights and is generally less inhibited and anxious.


Fáelán has brown, wavy hair, like most of his family, and warm brown eyes. His face is extremely expressive, betraying any and all of his emotions (most commonly confusion and worry, hence the small indent working it's way between his eyebrows permanently). He is somewhat tall for his age, but he acts much the opposite.


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