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Héloise Rhoslyn Mowbray
Ivetta Liliana Burroughs
Maurelle Burroughs (mother)
Carleton Burroughs (father)

Timothy Mowbray
Robyn Burrows (brother)
First year
Blood Status
Muggle-born Pure-blood
Human, Witch
This character is roleplayed by Ellie.

Ivetta Burroughs is a first year Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Ivetta Small

Ivetta is undeniably adorable, in every sense of the world. She's rather short and scrawny petite for her age, yet she's a lot physically stronger than she looks. Her skin is pale and lightly freckled, and her blonde curls are neatly groomed, but her most distinguished feature are her beautiful, emerald-green doe eyes. However, as gorgeous as they are, she hates them, as it links her to her family and her past life.

Héloise Mowbray was born on a freezing February morning to an exhausted, starving Muggle couple in a collapsing French seaside cottage. Their five-year-old son watched as his mother screamed in agony with terrified eyes, and slept for three days afterwards, her frail body struggling to not fall apart. Héloise was unplanned, a complete accident, as the couple had vowed to never have another child after the debt their first child had dragged them into. They'd barely been able to feed Timothy, and now they had another mouth to feed. That's all they ever saw their daughter as. Another mouth to feed.

Maurelle knows why her children are magic - she was a Squib, born into one of the largest magical families in the world, and a great disappointment to her magical parents. She wasn't treated any where near as well as her siblings (who had all gained the magical powers), and once she'd graduated, was immediately thrown out. Maurelle has been starving her whole life. A glimmer of hope appeared when she married Carleton, but he was barely surviving on his tiny wage as a backstreet blacksmith, and the birth of their first child dragged every single penny from them.

Growing up in a crappy little cottage in the freezing cold was hell, but it was only when Héloise was five when Timothy took a stand. Some people questioned the nine-year-old boy strolling down the street with his little sister in hand, but they were mostly conspicuous. Sneaking onto a ship unnoticed was quite easy, since they were both small and underfed, and they found themselves in England.

Timothy worked hard to keep him and his sister alive - he helped at the marketplaces, earning coins here and there which he later bought food and clothes, but he also pick pocketed. And he was damn good at it - he's only improved, and never been caught. He discovered an abandoned cottage, not dissimilar to his old home, but in much better condition, and immediately moved him and his sister into it. It was warm and cosy, since all the windows and doors were intact, and for once, they were happy.

Timothy then took the opportunity to completely rid themselves of their pasts, and he changed his name to Robyn, then asked Héloise what name she'd like. Having heard the name Ivetta at the market and immediately fallen in love with it, she chose Ivetta. The pair also started telling people they were Purebloods, so they could fit in without being prejudiced.

Robyn knew that Ivetta was magic, and Robyn recieved his letter to Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday. He didn't dare abandon his sister though, and wrote back, begging the Headmistress to let him bring his sister along, to which she allowed. Ivetta stayed in the Head Girl's dormitory until she hit eleven years old and was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Unfortunately, the headmistress has now demanded that Timothy and Ivetta live in a Muggle orphanage, simply to "keep them safe", according to her. Ivetta hates it at the orphanage - she's treated like trash and locked in her room most of the day and much prefers living at Hogwarts.

Introverted and shy, Ivetta does to best to fit in to normal, everyday life whilst having such a burden clinging on to her. Every now and again she'll forget to respond to the name Ivetta, and even her brother has stopped calling her Héloise to try and help her adapt to their new life. It's somewhat succeeding, but she'll always have a heavy weight on her chest of living a massive lie; it's a lot of pressure for an eleven year old girl.

However, Ivetta is in no way weak or stupid. She was sorted straight into Ravenclaw merely seconds after that hat had touched her head, and a student has never so accurately been placed into a house. Ivetta is smart, mature, and probably the most avid reader you'll ever find. It's incredibly rare to see her without a book, or outside of the Library, which is practically her second home. Her third home would be the Astronomy tower - she's in love with the views, and she'll sit there for hours on end, reading or just looking.

She's incredibly shy and secretive, but this is only a mask - the real Ivetta... no, the real Héloise is a bright and giggly little girl who loves exploring the castle and jumping in the lake. But her brother has warned her of what could happen if she ever shows her real identity, so Ivetta took it as a chance to completely remodel her personality. The trick to unlocking her warm and fuzzy heart is simply just getting to know her. Still, her lips remain sealed about her past - nobody is knowing that.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Sewing and Embroidery
Ivetta is a natural with a needle and thread, which delights her brother, because it confirms at least a decent job once she's graduated. She enjoys sewing, especially sewing together pieces of cloth and making blankets.

Ivetta has always wanted to be a writer and fill up libraries with her books and novels. In her spare time she writes pages and pages of weird and wonderful stories about goblins and unicorns and creatures lurking in forests. She loves pouring her imagination out onto a page, but she keeps the stories in a battered notebook which she doesn't dare show anyone else.

She's terrified of the school's dungeons, and refuses to go down there.
  • She's both mature and immature at the same time - she's been forced to grow up too fast.
  • Her boggart is her parents finding her.
  • She's Muggleborn, yet tells the world she's Pureblood.
  • Around amortentia, she smells fresh books, ink and daises.
  • Her patronus is a bluebird.
  • As much as her brother begs her to let go of the past, she'll always think of herself as Héloise, and call herself that in her diary.
Ivetta Burroughs - First year Ravenclaw student

-“Forget the past. Tomorrow is a new day. New day, new hopes and new life.”
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