Médéric-3 Roleplayed by R.A.B.-Sig
Médéric Challis
Age 10
Home The Enchantress' Revenge
Occupation Cabin boy
Loyalty The Enchantress
Médéric — usually called Med, and occasionally Merri — is a 10-year-old magbob, oblivious to magic. First a runaway, then a stowaway, and now a cabin boy.

Médéric was born near the Pas de Calais. He was the second child of Cllâodène and Eudes to survive past infancy. His sister Aalis is 6 years his senior, and when they were 8 and 2, they got a new little sister, Mêlie.

Aalis, Médéric, and Mêlie grew up. Often, Aalis would spend the days with Médéric, playing with him and making sure he didn't get into trouble. When he was older, Aalis started spending more time with their mother, and Médéric spend his time with Mêlie, playing with her and looking after her as Aalis had once done with him.

Médéric was 8 when they left. They left their cousins behind in Normaundie, and crossed the water to Englaland.

They had been in Englaland a week and a half when Eudes was slayed in battle.

A friend of Eudes's took pity on them. He'd been granted some small lands, he offered to let them stay there for a while, while he was still fighting.

They went to his lands, and tried to planted some crops. But it was autumn, too late to plant. They got some seeds into the ground, and they sprouted, but the seedlings froze.

Cllâodène took them to London, and they got jobs. Even little Mêlie would scrounge and steal.

Médéric and his sisters picked up English quickly, but their mother struggled with it. At first, Cllâodène made it up like it was a big adventure. But as time wore on, Médéric came to see things more clearly. They'd come with their father — a warrior — but now him and his sisters were urchins of London. His mother put increasing pressure on Médéric to be the man of the house, despite the fact that he was still too young to be an apprentice. At first he loved being treated older, but quickly came to resent it.

When he was 9, Médéric stowed away on a boat. He had some vague idea of going back to Normaundie, but it wasn't really that. He had no idea which boat he'd be taken abroad, or where it would be bound. What he really wanted was a good story to tell Mêlie when he got back. A story to tell the other kids he ran around with — something that would impress them.

He hid himself in an empty barrel down on the docks, and waited. The unclaimed barrel was taken aboard a pirate ship, The Enchantress' Revenge, and him with it. Médéric stayed hidden until they were out at sea. He lied, saying he had wound up on the ship by accident. After some discussion, they decided to let him stay, as a cabin boy. Médéric attributes this in equal parts to the fact that he's a child, the fact ship was captained by a fellow Norman, and luck.

The Enchantress' Revenge is a boat full of lost souls, all running from something. But Médéric doesn't notice that: in his eyes, everyone on the ship is miles above him — they're adults and pirates and have actual skills. He is absolutely charmed.

Ethnicity Norman
Religion Catholic
Native Language François
Languages Spoken François, Englisc
Accent Norman
Birthplace Normaundie, France
Birthday December 3, 1058
Race Wizard
Blood Status Muggle-born
Virtues Enthusiastic, interested
Vices Impulsive, trusting
Romantic Orientation Biromantic
Patronus Porpoise
Boggart Mêlie hating him
Amortentia Fresh bread, honey, and the sea

Médéric gets caught up in the moment. He gets excited, and acts before he thinks. It goes hand-in-hand with youth.

But despite his youth, he has been thrown — and thrown himself — into older walks of life, and he's learning to pull himself a few years forward and adjust to it. In many ways, he ran away to avoid growing up, and yet that is exactly what the voyage has required of him, and he is accomplishing it surprisingly well.

He truly and dearly cares about the people in his life. Warm and affectionate, he's quick to embrace people and carve them out a little corner of his heart. And while he's morning the lost of his first family, he has quickly adopted the crew of The Enchantress as well.

He has scraggly blond hair, and blue eyes. His clothes are very odd and mismatched, often dirty. Like a full-grown man's jacket over his sister Aalis's old blouse. He has a weird pin, that his sister Mêlie gave him once. Honestly, he thinks it looks kind of dumb, but he wears it all the time anyways, because she liked it. And now that he's left her behind, wearing it eases his guilt a little.

Since joining The Enchantress, his hands have been noticeably calloused and chapped. Mostly it comes from working with the ropes, although the weather has taken it's toll too. And while it's a little unconformable, he likes it; he takes it as proof that he's doing enough.

Hair Sandy
Skin Fair
Eyes Blue
Stature Average
Wand Arm Right
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Job Cabin boy
Ambition Proper sailor
Skills Household skills, ropework
Interests Sailing, piracy, horses

Médéric doesn't have many skills, simply by virtue of his age. His parents never started talking about what trade he might learn — he was still too young for that.

Since joining The Enchantress, he's started learning some basic sailor's skills. He's good at knots, as well as repairing rope — the small, nimble fingers of a child are well suited for that.

  • He has mild seasonal allergies.
  • His family calls him Merri, which is too much like Marie for his taste. A neighbor of his in London first called him Med — he quickly latched onto that name, and began introducing himself as such.
Mêlie and Médéric have always been very close — only 2 years apart. But of course, when you're young, 2 years is a sizable difference. Médéric is the big one, and Mêlie is the little one. He adored her, his little sister was his whole world. And even in London, every evening she would gave him a little tidbit she stole for him — a marble, a pin — and he told her half-true story of what happened to him that day. Médéric feels truly awful about leaving her, so if he has to think about her, he justifies it buy thinking about how he's going to tell the story when he sees her again — it will be a grand story that she'll love.
Aalis is older than Médéric by 7 years. His best memories of her are from when they where very little, in Normandy, when she'd be given the job of looking out for him. Aalis would play with him, and tell him stories, and sneak him goodies his parents would never let him eat. But that was long ago, and his memories of that are quite faded. Once, their father told Médéric that their disconnect wasn't his fault — Aalis was at a difficult age. In England, Aalis grew up — and away — from Médéric, and they were never very close then. But it was ok, he had Mêlie.
Médéric loves his mother, he really does. But she was so overwhelmed, with taking care of him and his sisters, and things are so on the edge, that she snapped and yelled at them a lot. She put pressure on Médéric, as "the man of the house", to take care of them all. Like he should do as much as her, or Aalis, despite being too young to be an apprentice. He blames her for driving him to run away, but he feels guilty about leaving her too — she put pressure on him because she needed him. And in response to her need, he gave her abandonment. All the same, he wants an apology from her; he wants to believe that they'll meet again someday, and they'll both apologize for their wrongs, and both forgive each other.
The day Eudes didn't come back from battle, Médéric cried with his family. But in the days to come, he cried little. There was so much going — he didn't have time to morn. He keeps it locked away in the back of his mind — some day, when he has the time and energy, then he will deal with it.
Mother Cllâodène Challis Elder Sister Aalis Challis
Father Eudes Challis Younger Sister Mêlie Challis
Captain Evangeline
Captain Evangeline Lisieux is his guardian angel. The Enchantress is her ship, and she let him — the sniveling stowaway — stay. Maybe she felt bad for him, maybe it was an act of loyalty among countrymen — they're both Norman — but Médéric owes her his life. His guardian angel — a pirate captain he's scared to death of. Médéric skirts around her, viewing her with equal parts adoration and terror.
You could call Médéric's relationship with Clarice maternal, but it's actually more like the relationship he once had with his sister Aalis than anything between him and his mother. Clarice looks out for him, but not in that chiding way, but something more affectionate and slightly less responsible.
Médéric loves Scott, mostly because he looks so strange and exotic — although he's friendly and not intimidating, which is worth a lot too. Scott defended Médéric when they found him In many ways, Scott is his role-model — if Médéric can be as interesting and kind as Scott when he's an adult, he will be satisfied.
Adam & Kamden
Médéric honestly can't tell Adam and Kamden apart. In turn, this makes him uncomfortable around them, out of guilt for not being able to tell them apart, and for fear of mixing them up and alerting them to this fact
Rowan communicates via writing, and Médéric is illiterate. This keeps Rowan removed from Médéric — strange, and intimidating. He skirts around Rowan almost as much as Evangeline, though for different reasons. He fears Evangeline because of what he knows of her, while he fears Rowan because of what he doesn't know of him.

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