Margaret TulenMargaret1
Lady Alchemist
April 21, 1039
Victor Tulen (husband)
Name Pronunciation
MAHR-guh-rit TUH-lin
Blood Status


Margaret was born to two accomplished pure-blood wizards. As a child, the two had her tutored by a wizard who excelled in most areas of study, especially alchemy. As she learned the basics of the subject, her curiosity grew. However, studies stopped as soon as she was 12. It was then, she discovered she had been arranged for marriage since she was young. However, she did not want to disrespect her parents' wishes, and married to Victor Tulen.

After settling in a house near her parents, she decided she did not want to be stuck in there the rest of her life. She often snuck out for secret lessons from her old tutor. She heard about Hogwarts, the wizarding school from him, but was disappointed that it was unlikely she would be accepted at the age of 14. Instead, she continued her lessons until she was of legal age. By then, she learned to tolerate Victor, at the most.

She came to an agreement with Victor, in which she could do alchemy experiments, but she had to do them at night in the basement. Currently, experimenting is what she is doing, gaining more knowledge and hoping for a breakthrough.


Margaret is quite the lady, and does her best to keep to social norms. However, she possesses great curiosity and intelligence. When it comes to alchemy, she is a mastermind. Often, when she forms an opinion on something and she thinks something wrong, she goes on and about trying to fix it. However, this often causes trouble with the older folk in Godric's Hollow.


  • She is Orion Tulen's great great great great great great great great great grandmother.
  • Her model is Michelle Dockery.


credit to red for infobox

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