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Rowan Cartwright
Rowan 1
a pirate, not a prince
July 23
Oh, them? They don't really matter.
Name Pronunciation
ROH-wan CARR-trite
Blood Status
rped by red

Rowan Cartwright is a pirate on the ship The Enchantress' Revenge.
Eye Color
Blue Green
Hair Color
Clothing Style
None in particular.
Rowan doesn't look like a pirate, but looks can be deceiving. He uses his innocent and prince-like appearance (complete with freckles) to his advantage. He wears whatever he's got, but always finds a way to make himself presentable. Doesn't matter anyway. With his debonair smile, and stunning green eyes, he can easily charm some galleons off of you.

Native Language
English, Irish Gaelic
Earliest Memory
Having fun
Type of Childhood
Complicated, unhappy
Childhood Fear
Growing up
Once upon a time, Rowan Cartwright had a different name.

Conrí Mac Fionn liked having fun, and so did his father. Fionn Mac Dubhghall didn't do anything close to ruling his clan with an iron fist. He didn't have any rules. Except, his uncle, Eoghan had different ideas. Eoghan and Fionn had a battle to the death, and Conrí's uncle won. His mom was still pregnant with him when his father died, and according to his sister, they thought she'd lose the baby with all the stress, but no. Dáirine stayed strong. When he was born, his sister and mother took after him.

He was three when they broke off and made a clan of their own. They kept the idea of having "no rules" (except they did have quite a few), and Conrí wasn't really fond of the whole thing, because he knew that rules existed for a reason. They make sure to give Eoghan's clan trouble every once in a while, but at some point a "no killing" rule was made. Conrí was young when it happened, but Líle's husband's sister, Clíodhna, married someone from Eoghan's clan. He doesn't think Clíodhna is particularly happy in the marriage, but it was to form an alliance.

At the age of sixteen, he was being constantly reminded about the duties he would need to fulfill when he came of age the next year. He didn't want to be in a role of leadership, but knew that as a member of the founding family, he'd be thrust into it. The point is, one day, he was finally seventeen. On that day, he saw a ship, but more importantly: a shot at running away. So, he packed his bags and arrived at dawn the next day, demanding that he become a member of the crew. He had to repeat his request five times because the captain didn't understand his accent, and until now they still tease him about it. When asked for his name, he said "Rowan Cartwright". It's the wood his wand's made out of, and the first last name he could think of off the top of his head, because it was the last name of another student in his year. He started off at the bottom. He was still practicing his English and getting used to living at sea, after all, but he was one of the first members of a small crew that would soon grow to be something absolutely infamous.

Scott Thackeray was his first friend. The start of all beautiful friendships should consist of getting rip roaring drunk together, and that's exactly what they did. They woke up the next morning with massive hangovers. When Rowan looked in the mirror, he suddenly had green eyes instead of blue ones. He and Scott deduced it might be because of magic. (Color Change Charm, perhaps?) It's why his eyes are a really startling shade of green in the first place. And even though Scott's offered to try and change it back, Rowan's not having any of it because he doesn't want anything going near his eyes ever again. It's partly because he's genuinely afraid he'll go blind or something, but more of the fact that blue eyes were the most distinguishing characteristic of a member of the clan, and he finally got rid of them.

Once upon a time, Rowan Cartwright had a different name. But that doesn't really matter. What's important is who he is now.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Loyal, dependable, trustworthy
Worst Qualities
Pessimistic, buzzkill, antisocial
Most Influenced By
His older sister
Most people's first impression of Rowan is that he's a bit of a buzzkill. Ask Scott Thackeray about that, and he'll tell you the secret is just getting him drunk getting to know him. The thing about Rowan is that he's a bit of a stick in the mud. He's pessimistic, a stickler for the rules, and is quick to say no at opportunities to have fun. It's hard to be his friend. He doesn't like talking to people much, and when he does, his accent is barely decipherable, so most of the time he doesn't even bother.

He's loyal to the people he likes. Rowan believes that the people closest to him are the ones who can understand it when he's talking. (Which means... Scott.) He's dependable too. He takes care of the others when they're being immature and screwed up. He can get a job done, and his responsibility is one of his best traits. He's also someone you can trust, tell him a secret and his lips will be sealed forever. He spends a lot of time reading. He does it to learn better English, and because he genuinely enjoys the stories being written. He also prefers writing over actual speaking, but knows it's a bit of a hassle to carry around a quill and parchment everywhere.

talk bubble
Rowan 2

Rowan Cartwright -Pirate
"I'm not running away. I'm already gone."
 – 12:50, December 20, 2014 (UTC)

He waves slightly.

Rowan Gif 2

skills and magical abilities
Healing: Druids focus a lot on healing, and that's what the clan did. Until now, he's particularly adept at healing spells and potions, and whenever someone gets hurt on the ship, he's the one they bring him to.

Wand: Rowan, Unicorn Hair, 12 inches. Rowan wood was a prized wand wood due to its reputation for protection, and was noted by Garrick Ollivander to generally produce powerful, hard to break Defensive Charms. Rowan was also noted for its believed disassociation with the Dark Arts. Ollivander, who had a nearly photographic memory when it came to the wands he had sold, could not recall a single instance of a wizard he sold a rowan wand to ever becoming evil or turning to the Dark Arts. Perhaps for these reasons, rowan has become associated with pure-hearted wizards, though Ollivander noted that rowan wands can also match or even outperform others in duels.


*Rowan uses a spell to write in the air with his wand, in order to communicate with others. The letters look as if they are burning, then eventually fade.
*He is still fluent in Irish Gaelic.
*He regrets not attending Hogwarts.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, Heteroromantic
Relationship Status
Rowan, Unicorn Hair, 12 inches
Favorite Drink
Butterbeer, but he'll claim it's just water
Amortentia Scents
The sea, smoke, fresh air

Rowan Gif 3

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