the worst best pirate you've ever seen.

Scott Thackeray
"The crew are my family now."

Biological parents unknown
Aldreda Thackeray (grandmother)
Kendrick Thackeray (grandfather)
Blood Status
Human, Wizard
This character is roleplayed by Ellie.

Scott Thackeray is a graduated Hufflepuff turned pirate, and is part of The Enchantress' Revenge crew.

Scott Small

If anything, Scott looks like a pirate. His skin is dark and tanned, and his long scraggly brown hair is twisted into rough dreads. He outlines his eyes with black kohl, twisted his beard into two small braids and wears a red bandana across his forehead.

It was clear that whoever Scott's parents are didn't want him, as he was dumped on the doorstep of his grandparents' house hours after he was born, wrapped in a thin blanket and left shivering in the freezing October air. A scribbled note was left with him, which simply read, "I can't." He has no idea who or where his mother or father are, and doesn't particularly want to make contact with them. The fact that they dumped him says enough.

So, Scott was raised by his magical grandparents in a seaside town, where his obsession with the sea began at a young age. He was entranced by the blue waves, and wished to head out on a boat and explore the depths of the ocean. This often led to him frequently walking into the sea, and nearly drowning on one occasion. His grandma became extremely worried and tried to lock him indoors, but his grandfather understood entirely and began to take Scott out to sea in his fishing boats.

Scott's mother was a witch, so his grandparents expected their grandson to possess the family's powers, and it became obvious that he did when he was ten, and he accidentally set fire to one of his grandad's boats. The letter for Hogwarts came on what he assumes was his eleventh birthday, and he was sorted into Hufflepuff.

As soon as he graduated, he packed up, waved his grandparents goodbye and headed out into the big wide world, knowing exactly what he wanted to do - he was going to be a pirate. He found a crew after a few months, and thoroughly enjoyed his stay, but then their boat got smashed to smithereens by a rival crew and he was one of three who managed to escape alive. He floated for two days on a wooden door until he found shore, and around a year later, he joined another crew. They stayed together for about three years, and Scott was the captain for the last year, but the crew swiftly fell apart after one of the most trusted members betrayed the crew. Scott spent three months in the jail of another ship for that little weasel's actions.

He escaped the jail after the ship sunk, and carried on for the next two years with no crew, making money here and there for deals and trades. Then, in a dingy little bar one day, he met Evangeline Lisieux, a surprisingly tough French pirate who was looking to start a crew. Scott was looking to join one. And thus, The Enchantress' Revenge crew was born.

Scott isn't and never has been the most coordinated person in the world. He's incredibly clumsy, almost always stumbling over something or walking into walls, and he talks with slightly slurred speech. He's skilled at throwing knives, but for some reason, his aim improves dramatically after he's had a swig or two of wine - honestly, his overall coordination improves once he's intoxicated, which both fits and contradicts his occupation; he often gets jokingly (he thinks) called "the worst pirate in the world" by his crew.

He's eccentric, that's for sure, with flailing hand gestures and widening eyes and a jaunty, swaggering spring in his step. His movements and facial expressions are naturally exaggerated, and he just constantly looks excited. When he gets drunk, his often sings tunelessly at the top of his lungs, and the crew eventually resort to locking him below deck and waiting for him to sober up.

He isn't entirely unreliable, though. Being the oldest member of the crew, he is extremely protective of his pirate friends, and will do anything to ensure they make it out of sticky situations alive. Scott is often the one who takes the chances, who volunteers for the risky endeavors and always goes first when they're exploring shadowy or ominous places. He tries to avoid his own death as much as he possibly can, but is willing to die to keep the crew safe.

He has a dry sense of humour, often has affectionate names for people he cares about and is very protective of his hat. He's also a lot cleverer than he looks - his ideas and plans may seem ridiculous, but they always have a point, and often are surprisingly successful in the end. He's funny without realising he is half the time, and his kindness and loyalty make him a true Hufflepuff at heart.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Rowan Cartwright
It took quite a while for Scott to grow accustomed to Rowan's peculiar accent and pessimistic attitude, but their friendship begun when they got absolutely slaughtered on beer one night. They get on surprisingly well - Rowan is probably his best friend on the ship - despite their conflicting personalities.

Captain Evangeline Lisieux
Scott and Evangeline are responsible for creating The Enchantress' crew. They banter back and forth sometimes, whilst other times piss each other off incredibly, but they both know that they're good friends, and they trust each other. Scott admires her captaincy, and can't deny how much the role suits her.

Clarice Barnes
Scott is very protective of Clarice, since she's so young and innocent, and he thinks she shouldn't be on the ship - she should be making the most of her life and talents.

Adam Atkinson
Scott isn't as close to Adam as other members of the crew, but he does like him, and thinks he's fun to hang out with. He has a feeling that he's sneaking Clarice rum, though, as the stash seems to slowly diminish even though he hides it during Clarice's episodes.

Scott is a highly-skilled knife thrower, only ever missing the bullseye when he isn't fully concentrating. He can't throw fully consistent bulls-eyes yet - though he can when he's drunk - but if someone's running at him with a sword, as long as the knife hits somewhere in the head or the heart, it doesn't have to be incredibly precise.

Sword fighting
Being a pirate, it's pretty mandatory that he has to be good at sword fighting, and Scott is easily the best of the crew. He often gives lessons to the other crew members.

His favourite drink is ale, with rum being a close second.
  • He's a very strong swimmer, and his swimming skills have saved him from drowning in the shipwrecks.
  • After years of drinking, it takes more and more to get him drunk, which results in increasingly worse hangovers.
  • He once walked over the side of the ship whilst hungover.
  • He's considered by his crew as the "father of the ship".
Scott Thackeray - Pirate of The Enchantress' Revenge

-"The problem is not the problem. The problem is the attitude to your problem."
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