Thomas Sparrow is role-played by Lissyboo

Age 24
Gender Male
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Body Type
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Occupation Tailor


Thomas is seen, on the outside, as a solid, stern, proud man. He rarely joins in games, he wouldn't be caught dead doing anything but working. Secretly, he enjoys watching others. He wishes he could join in, but fear and doubt stop him. He can be a bit neurotic sometimes, and he's well known, and well liked, in the community, because he does smile. He has a sense of humour. The children like being around him because he'll give them money to get sweets. He's a good guy. He just doesn't like being judged for what he loves doing.


Thomas Richard Sparrow was born in England to two nobles. A woman who kept her place, and a man who knew his. They were both witches, unbeknownst to the land they owned. Richard was supposed to be born and bred to take over more land, and to be a leader. They were ecstatic when Thomas showed his first signs of magic, while he was out playing with the cat, and healed a scratch. He was a bright young boy from the start. He was playful, kind, and always tried to help people out. His father tried to teach him to be tough and fearless as well, but it never really sank in. It wasn't until his second year in Hogwarts, though, that his father began to see him as a complete and utter disappointment.

Thomas had never seen himself as the type to led. He was more of a follower. His father was a Slytherin, whilst his mother was a Ravenclaw. The biggest thing they worried about, was him being a Hufflepuff. Unfortunately, that's exactly what he was. To add insult to injury, he convinced the professors to let him join the Indoor Etiquette classes instead of the Outdoor Etiquette; He was more interested in learning how to make things rather than learning how to fight.

His father practically disowned him at that point. His mother, being the obedient wife, left him alone as well. Thomas was forced to stay at Hogwarts during the holidays to prevent himself from facing them. It eventually made him so ashamed, he quit Indoor Etiquette, and refused to go back.

Worried teachers and students worked at trying to make him feel better. They constantly gave him gifts of clothing and thread, and other materials. He eventually started to love creating things again. But of course, he never told anyone. He still got gifts, and he constantly gave gifts back as well. By his Seventh year, he had a good amount of friends, yet he was always still a loner. Once he and everybody else graduated, he traveled for about two years, returning when he was twenty years of age. He found a place in Hogsmeade, a small place, and trained under the best Tailor in town. Two years after, he opened his own place.


  • Despite his rather unusual profession, he does know how to fight, with a sword and melee. He also knows an array of spells, and will not be afraid to use them.

Thomas is 5'8", well built, with brown shaggy hair, than can typically be tamed, and brown, solemn eyes. His face gives off features that can be used well as either a happy fun-loving young boy, or a solemn, stern man. The first thing anyone would notice about him is the way he holds himself. He's a proud person, despite what people might say about a man being a tailor.

Coded by Rabbit, inspired by Red.