• Ckohrs0221

    Literacy in the 1000s

    December 25, 2014 by Ckohrs0221

    Soooo something came to mind the other night when I was in the process of creating signatures for my characters. My little Lyle came to mind. Lyle grew up in an orphanage. The likelihood that he learned to read or write before coming to Hogwarts was probably pretty low.

    It's an interesting group of people at Hogwarts, with rich and wealthy Great Families that probably did teach their children how to read and write... and street urchins, though still magical, who did not. So... what do we do about this? In chat we've discussed a few ideas-- older students teaching younger ones, Quick-Quotes quills.... reading/writing lessons for younger students...

    Additionally, I'm assuming it's common knowledge that up until recently in the course of human …

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