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    September 4, 2017 by Rabbitty

    Quidditch began in the 11th century. In the next hundred years, it spread. In the 13th century it gained the snitch, which increased popularity even further, and before too long it was almost as common as it as today. In the 14th century the Wizards' Council started making rules about where you could and could not play it. And then progressively made those rules quite a bit stricter.

    • 1362: Illegal to play within 50 miles of towns.
    • 1368: Amended the ban, making it 100 miles.
    • 1419: Decreed that Quidditch should not be played "anywhere near any place where there is the slightest chance that a Muggle might be watching or we'll see how well you can play whilst chained to a dungeon wall."

    But we're still in the 11th century here. Quidditch as only just …

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  • Rabbitty

    Early Hogwarts

    May 21, 2015 by Rabbitty

    Many aspects of modern Hogwarts correlate to those of modern muggle schools. Prefects, for example. Starting at age 11, so by age it fits in easily with primary school.

    Hogwarts has been around for something close to 1,000 years, and undoubtedly changed greatly over that time. Picking though aspects of the school, trying to figure out which should be the same and which should be different, is hard. Because of Hogwarts's habit of reflecting muggle school, I was doing some research into early medieval universities. I liked this podcast.

    Most universities where part of the Church. They were all-male, and students started at age of 14 or 15. Latin was the language of learning (That's where the term "grammar school" comes from — you need to learn…

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